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Back from Minneapolis – Part 1!

May 31, 2010

Filed under: Judi,Quilting — admin @ 3:22 am

I’ve been back almost a week now from Quilt Market in Minneapolis and it’s taken this long for me to sort of catch up and be able to write a bit here. Pam and I had a great trip there  – it’s overwhelming the number of beautiful quilts, garments and fabulous creations that we saw. It just made us want to get back and start sewing – but of course we returned to catch up on things at work! I came back to a full week of teaching so I’m just now starting to look at all the great products that we saw there so that we can place our orders and get some of this new stock into the stores and onto our on-line catalogue.

When we first arrived at the show, we stopped at the Jenny Haskins booth for a moment to say hello to  Simon Haskins and all our friends there, and then headed off to the first aisle of the show to start our rounds. At the very first booth, I met up with an old friend of mine, Linda McGehee of Ghee’s. Linda is famous for her beautifully embellished handbags and handbag patterns, and she’s now doing lots of work with zippers!  We loved looking at her zipper creations – jewellery, embellished clothes, even embellished shoes and flip-flops! Here’s a photo of Pam with Linda, as well as some of her zipper creations. We loved the rhinestone zippers and each had to buy a rhinestone zipper lanyard, just like the one that Linda is wearing in the photo.  Watch for some of these fancy zippers to show up on our web site and in the stores soon.

We also spent some time in Anna Maria Horner’s booth, admiring her great styles in quilting, wearables and accessories. Here I am with one of her quilts, and here are some of her other styles as well. We’ll soon have all of Anna Maria’s patterns too.

See the next entry for the rest of this blog – I have too many photos for one entry!


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