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May 2, 2010

Filed under: Judi,Tech Tips — admin @ 4:44 pm

This past week I’ve been busy teaching both embroidery classes and software classes – four in all! Sometimes I don’t know what I’m thinking when these things are scheduled – I’ll go for a few weeks without any teaching on my schedule, then all of a sudden I find that I’m busy teaching all week. These were classes that I love to teach though, so that makes it all worthwhile. I really enjoy the machine embroidery aspect of sewing and quilting these days, and I get quite excited about everything I can do in my 4D embroidery software so it’s fun to share this with others. I had a group who were just learning the introduction to embroidery software in one class and it was great to see them start to understand how to keep track of their embroidery design collection and some of the things it’s possible to do with it. My more advanced class all have embroidery machines with the new jumbo “Majestic Hoops” that will stitch out an embroidery design up to almost 14” square so they were learning how to create and manipulate designs for these hoops. My Hoopsisters “Embroid-a-Block” class is getting close to being finished their 10 month Block of the Month Quilt-as-you-Go class and their embroidered and quilted creations are looking fabulous. It was a tiring but rewarding week for me in the classroom.

As I passed through the warehouse this week, I couldn’t help but notice a new shipment of fabrics that have just arrived. It seems everyone has loved the new garment knit lines we added a little while ago and we’ve just received lots of new colours in these lines – just in time for spring and summer. I haven’t had a chance to see everything that arrived yet as it hasn’t made it to the sales floor – it’s still being checked in, but I saw some great colours in the bottomweight Ponte di Roma knit that is so good for pants and skirts. We’ve now got a beautiful ivory, a camel and a warm taupe colour that will be great for the coming season, as well as a gorgeous teal, and more of the ever-popular black, brown and charcoal. In the lighter, top-weight knits I saw some lavender and green, and I know that there were more great colours as well. They should all be checked in and in the stores this coming week, and we’ll try to get all the new colours up in the on-line store this week as well. Garment sewing seems to be coming back into fashion again and these knits are easy to sew and really comfortable to wear. I love the t-shirts I have made, and I think I’ll be making some more with these new colours. Here are a few of the Kwik-Sew patterns that we carry that I’ll be using with these knits.

Kwik Sew Patterns I'm Sewing - 3378, 3497, 3156, 3443

Keith has another tip for you this week to help keep your sewing machine in tip-top shape. This is for those of you who have front loading bobbins with a removeable bobbin case in your machines like the one pictFront Loading Bobbin Caseured here. Be careful when you’re inserting the bobbin in the case, it’s easy for your fingers to slip occasionally and have the bobbin case drop to the floor. With enough impact, and sometimes it doesn’t seem  like much of an impact at all, the bobbin case can be knocked out of round, even minutely so that it’s hard to see with the naked eye. In this case, your machine may not stitch properly and the bobbin will hang up. This can be one of those frustrating times where it looks like there isn’t anything wrong, yet nothing will work! The only way to fix this is to replace the bobbin case. It’s also a good idea to keep  second bobbin case on hand so that if you want to work with an unusually heavy weight thread in your bobbin, you have a bobbin case on hand that you feel free to adjust the tension on. Try not to ever adjust the tension on your m ain bobbin case as it can be hard to get it back to the perfect tension for normal sewing. With a second case, you don’t have to worry about this. If you mark the second one with a drop of nail polish, you’ll always know which one you can adjust freely and which one to leave alone!

Talk to you again soon,


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