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A Quiet Sunday Morning

July 18, 2010

Filed under: Judi,Recipes,Sewing — admin @ 5:45 pm

It’s a quiet Sunday morning here and I’m enjoying the peace of an sleepy house before the day really begins. I’ve got big plans for the day – some gardening, some sewing, and some cooking. For me, this seems like a perfect day!

We’vePeaches Purses just received Jenny Haskins latest design collection in the store and it is proving to be lots of fun. “Peaches Purses” is a collection of embroidery designs and instructions to make purses in the embroidery hoop. The designs are multi-formatted and use single hooping designs for a minimum hoop size of 200mm x 265mm and multi-hooping designs (designated with a part ‘A’ and ‘B’) for a minimum hoop size of 200mm x 140mm. There are six different embroidery design concepts (ten design elements in each concept) to make a collection of five different styled purses, glasses case, coin purse and phone case in each embroidery design concept.  I’ve got my first embroidered purse well on its way and hope to have it on display in our Surrey store very shortly.

In case you missed it, we also have the latest issue of Creative Expression magazine (#27) in stock now. It features the pattern Simon’s version of the “Harvey’s Garden” quilt he showed off to us when he was here in March. I just wish we had a little one in the family to make it for!

I thought I’d share a quick and easy soup recipe with you that I invented last week out of necessity – we didn’t have many groceries in the house and I hadn’t time to go shopping! The soup ended up being delicious and Keith told me that I should include the recipe in my next blog. Be aware that the measurements are only approximate – I tend to cook by taste rather than measuring alot!

Spicy Mexican Black Bean Soup

1½to 2 cups of diced vegetables: I used some leftover vegetables that had been chopped up for a salad: green, red and yellow peppers, celery, onion, carrots, etc. They were all chopped up into about ¼” squares.

2 tsp. olive oil

3 slices deli black forest ham, chopped

One 398ml can of black beans, drained and rinsed

¾c salsa – can be as spicy as you like!

3 c chicken broth – I use the low sodium version

Heat the oil in a saucepan over medium heat and sauté the vegetables and ham until vegetables soften. Stir in the salsa, black beans and broth and simmer until flavours blend – about 30 minutes.  If desired, throw in some chopped cilantro when it’s almost ready to serve as well.

Enjoy!  I hope you like this easy recipe. Feel free to experiment with amounts, and to try different vegetables as well.

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