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Time Saver: The Bobbin Clip

July 12, 2011

Filed under: Jenny,Product Reviews,Time-Saver of the Week — admin @ 5:41 pm

Today’s Time-Saver doesn’t quite live up to this segments name, except that you don’t have to go searching through a mess of bobbins with this tool!  The Bobbin Clip is another reminder of the family aspect of A Great Notion – I can remember many nights in my childhood spent chatting and giggling (and occasionally arguing…) around the kitchen table with my parents, siblings, and grandparents as we worked an assembly line of sorts bagging and labeling Bobbin Clips.  I didn’t understand how great this simple tool was though until recently when I re-organized my sewing/guest/music room.  I’ve always hesitated on collecting more bobbins (even though it’s a pain not to have enough!) because I had no good way to store them.  Problem solved!  Bobbins just clip right into it, and are easy to store and organize from there.  We do carry a few other types of bobbin storage systems that also work well, such as the Bobbin Saver (this one’s kinda pretty :) ) and the Bobbin Box (this one is a little more practical as it has a cover to keep the dust off), but the Bobbin Clip is my favourite for two reasons:  The first is my family connection, and the second is that it’s the most inexpensive of  them all.  What can I say?  I’m a frugal gal that likes to be organized.

Look at all the room for me to acquire more bobbins!  How exciting:

And here’s a picture of one all filled up and pretty that I snagged from the website:

How do you usually store your bobbins?  Are you like my mum and have hundreds, or like me and have made do with only a few?

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