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Wooly block Adventure

October 17, 2017

Starting Monday October 16, 2017, our Surrey/Langley store  will be  participating in the Wooly Block Adventure. Harvest Basket is the theme for this year. Because Canadian Thanksgiving was so early this year, we had to really put WineHarvestour heads together to come up with a great theme. We know that harvest time throughout North America for many fruits and vegetables takes place in the fall, but we wanted to be a little different. Wines from British Columbia are sought after and sold all over the world, so we decided to use this as our theme for our block. Locally, we have many wineries that have tasting rooms, gift shops and so much more. Many varieties of grapes are grown in the Fraser Valley as well.

Here is our submission for the 2017 Wooly Block, Harvest Basket Adventure.

Here are the details directly as worded from the Row by Row- Wooly Block website

Just like before, simply visit any participating Wooly Block Adventure™ store this fall October 16 – December 15, 2017 to receive one 8-inch wool appliqué block pattern for free! But wait… visiting the shop is not the only way to receive a shop’s Wooly Block pattern. Patterns and kits may be purchased online and by mail order during the event! You do not need to be near participating shops to have fun and collect with Wooly!

NEW! You now have the opportunity to collect all of the patterns for free! Be watching for Spotlight Shops! Every participating WBA shop will be featured for a few days here on the Row by Row Experience website as a “Spotlight Shop”. During this featured time, their Wooly Block Adventure pattern will be available to you as a free download. Every participating shop will be featured! Keep checking back for new patterns! Note: Spotlight Shop free patterns are available in PDF form only and will not be mailed.”

Please visit and go to the Wooly Block section for more information and to see the other stores that are participating.

We hope you have a great adventure.


Until next time,



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