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Welcome 2020!

January 2, 2020

On another social media site there were thoughts on how we could get thhobby2e newer generations interested in hobbies. Over the years, life has become way too busy and very expensive and for the most part the younger generations do not see the need to spend money on or participate in any kind of artistic pastime. This greatly is affected small businesses all over North America and beyond and we also see it locally as more and more craft, sewing, and fabric shops are closing. The once very popular craft is becoming a dinosaur. More and more people of all ages are not only online shopping, but they are not participating in classes and clubs that encourage their artistic side. Not too many decades ago there were sewing, cooking, art, music, woodworking and more offered in public schools, but now it seems there is not as big a need for these classes.

Let’s try and change this. Let’s make the new roaring 20’s into the sewing 20’s. Let’s encourage everyone to get out and try something new. Even if you are a lifelong garment sewer or a quilter, why not try to do something else. Encourage the young to use a sewing machine, to take that serger out of the closet and use it or make a small quilt for their bed. Let’s get the word out that participating in a hobby is a great way to relax, make new friends and show off your artistic side.



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