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Review: Glendale Polishing Cloth

April 10, 2012

If I’m being perfectly honest with you, I have to admit that other than my wedding rings, I’ve never before polished my jewelry. Shhhh…. Don’t tell my sister who works in jewelry and who always has perfectly polished bling…

Why have been so lazy, you may ask? Mostly because I had no idea how to clean it properly, and partly because I kept thinking I had left it for so long that I would never be able to remove the tarnish from some of my pieces.

When it was pointed out to me that we actually carry a polishing cloth meant to remove dirt and tarnish from gold, silver, and pewter, I went from feeling like an idiot for not knowing sooner, to being pretty excited to give it a shot.

My verdict on the Glendale Polishing Cloth? I love it! Not only did it work wonders (see for yourself below), but it was quick, easy, and super affordable. It’s $14.99 per package (you get a whole metre in the package, but I only used a piece about 6 inches by 6 inches). Plus, I only spent between 20 seconds and two minutes or so polishing each piece, depending on how many nooks and crannies there were and how filthy the piece was.

Make sure you don’t wash the cloth. Washing it will remove the cleaning compound, plus, it apparently works better and better the dirtier it gets. I tried it out on my silver jewelry – some is stamped with “925″ to indicate it’s sterling silver, some is vintage with no stamp, and one piece is quite obviously fake. I was quite pleased with the results on each piece. Enough chatter, here are the before’s and after’s:

Rings before (slightly embarrassing for me that they are this filthy):

Rings after (can you believe the difference?!?):

Bracelets before:

Bracelets after:

Single bracelet before:

Single bracelet after:

Whole lot before:

Whole lot after:


And just for fun, here’s an after pic of the little piece of the Glendale Polishing Cloth I used:



I’m amazed that I was able to clean some of these pieces, especially the necklace chains! Am I the only one who has let their jewelry get to such an abysmal state?

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