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Why your machine should have regular maintenance.

January 20, 2017

Below are two photos of a machine that was brought in for service a few weeks ago. These pictures might be disturbing to you, but a great example of how much dust can get trapped inside your sewing machine. The picture to the right is of thread that has gotten wrapped around the fly wheel. We have such great notions that would help you keep your machine in tip top shape and we even sell a vacuum attachment to get inside your machine to vacuum out all the lint. Refer to my previous blog about machine maintenance. Having thread tangled in your fly wheel usually won’t affect your machine right away, but left untreated and it will cause serious damage and you could have a very large repair bill.

We take care of our cars, we change the oil and have safety checks done and we buy new wiper blades and tires when we need them. Doesn’t your precious Sewing Machine or Serger deserve the same treatment.


machine mess











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