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Think chain stores are cheaper than an independent retailer? Think again.

March 13, 2014

Susan from A Great Notion

My name is Susan and I have been employed at A Great Notion for just about 3 and a half years. I have an excellent knowledge of the fabrics and notions we sell as well as our sewing machines. My main goal is to offer the best customer service I can and to make the most of your visit to the store. I pride myself in helping with good fabric selection and finding that one last fabric you need for your quilt. I also have a great knowledge of the notions we sell to make your sewing/quilting/embroidery project a breeze. My main love has always been in garment sewing and more recently home décor projects. Over the last few years I have learned to quilt and although I like the smaller projects, I am ready to take on a larger challenge.

I am writing this blog as I hear quite often about the other place, our competition and their great prices. I spent some time at my local fabric store (a Canadian chain), recorded some prices, looked at the quality of their product and listened for the service given. I must say not once while I was in there and taking tons of notes was I asked if I needed any help. Anyone that knows me knows I ask if you need help within the first 10 seconds of you being in the shop. I also found their quilting cottons to be of a lesser quality, but I also found some great deals on fabrics as long as I was a member. There are lots of fabrics that we do not sell and I do occasionally have to shop at other places. If you are looking for everyday sewing and quilting notions and good quality cottons then I think our store has it all. I have attached a chart showing some comparison pricing.

Comparison Prices Chart


The choice is yours: Some things will be cheaper if you shop around and are willing to pay a membership fee, but for all your quilting needs at a GREAT price with GREAT service, A Great Notion is the place to shop.

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